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RFNFT® technology works by integrating an NFC-based chip onto which creators can embed their digital assets (NFTs). The chip can then be placed into a wide range of physical merchandise inc t-shirts, hoodies, caps, posters, socks & more.

Reading one of our chips?

Built from the ground up

2017 saw the release of the first ever edition of our chips, these were attached to posters and encoded with £5 of Bitcoin.This started our journey into the NFC world with several more batches of embedded posters over the years, following the NFT boom we saw demand in our chips being developed to hold redeemable NFTs thus RFNFT® was formalized to bring this to fruition.Since then we have been working with printers and apparel manufacturers to bring seamless chip integration into several product lines.Chips are also available for clients to embed as they see fit, some
of the current applications our chips are being used in include posters, comic books, clothing and plush toys.
Each chip aswell as being embedded with 2FA to increase security also holds a unique link to our redeem portal which creates a bridge that can be adapted in the future for giveaways and airdrops to targeted or random claimants.

Version 1.8 of our chips

Getting technical

We are constantly striving to push the limits of the chips and test new applications and operational scenarios.Some physical durability tests have included excessive bending / misshaping, pro-longed soaking, repeated wash cycles and ironing aswell as being worn by the team in everyday scenarios.Every chip is fully Waterproof.The chips come in a variety of sizes starting from 16mm with our most popular chip being 22mm in diameter, they are around 200μm in overall thickness.As well as constantly striving to push the limits of the chips the team are working to integrate the chip into further chains with development underway on the FLOW and THETA blockchains.Currently our chips fully support both the ETH (Ethereum) and blockchains. We are working to fully automate minting, claiming and managing of the 'backend' to make the process smoother for the claimant and client aswell.An additional level of security is built into our encoding process to ensure security in transit and to allow the claimant to 'showoff' their NFT without redeeming it.Our redeem portal is available as a white-label product to our clients.

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Recruitment opportunities, more details to be released soon.

About Us

NF Technology Ltd (The team behind RFNFT®) was founded in 2021 by the CryptoBates Group and has been built from the ground up.Our core team is our in-house developers who are constantly working to expand the chips capabilities and push its potential.NF TECHNOLOGY LTD is a UK registered LTD company with the registration number 13309197RFNFT® is registered under the Trade Mark No: UK00003668540

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If you are interested in learning more about RFNFT® technology or have any questions please get in touch, our team are happy to assist.

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- Manchester Digital: RFNFT Custom NFC NFT Apparel
- Manchester Digital: Seamless NFT integration

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- Twitter: @CBG_RFNFT

Own the Physical - Claim the Digital

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So you received one of our RFNFT® Chips?By simply following the instructions shown below, you will be able to read the RFNFT® Chip with your phoneCOMPATIBLE PHONES:
iPhone 7, 8 AND X (iOS 11+)
Open Settings Select Control Center Scroll and tap the green plus button on the left of NFC Tag Reader
iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, 12 & 13 (Through the range to Pro Max)
NFC is automatically enabled.
Major Android Devices
Check if available by searching for ‘NFC’ in the Settings.
1. Unlock your NFC enabled smartphone.
2. Tap your smartphone against the encoded area / call to action tag.3. Follow the notification to start the journey in your browser.WHERE IS MY NFC READER?iPhone:
- Top middle edge or right
Major Android Devices:
- Middle
Google Pixel
- Middle
- Top right
SOME MORE QUESTIONS ANSWERED:Can my phone case block the NFC tap?
- Yes – Certain phone cases, particularly those with metal components. Try taking your phone case off.
Why is my phone not responding when I tap the NFC?
- Try adjusting the angle of your tap
- Your device is not NFC compatible
- Your device is not powered and unlocked (Main screen selected)
- NFC is not active (Android only - search for ‘NFC’ in Settings)
- An app is required to detect NFC tags. A RFNFT is in development
How long do I need to hold my phone near the product?
- As soon as you tap the tag / chip the content is instantly triggered and launched on your smartphone.
Why does my phone respond intermittently to the encoded chip?
- The position of the NFC reader on smartphones differs between manufacturers
- Ensure the reader of the smartphone taps the area where the NFC tag is placed.
Can my phone read NFC when it is powered off or locked?
- NFC readers on smartphones only work when the device is powered and unlocked.
If you have any further questions please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

© NF Technology Ltd - 2022